DWTA Expert Study Lane

Expert lane intensive study programs are best for individuals who see and desire a strong career and future in the tech industry. Taking you from Zero (total novices) to Hero (intermediates and advanced) in less time but with more theoretical & practical skills than other schools.

Weekday Lectures only (no weekends)
1st Session: that is the first 3 months (Five (5) days per week | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
2nd Session & Beyond: Three (3) days per week | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Projects and Assignments submitted as per the policy of each study program

The teaching schedules are most favorable to recent High School or University Graduates & Non-Workers. Also, this lane is recommended for Novice, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced learners.

Payment Plans for Courses in this Lane

>>> 1 session in DWTA is equal to 3 months.

Tuition & Guidance Fees (billed per session)
Premium: Ghc 2400 per session (offline & online)
Core: Ghc 1900 per session (online only)
Free Basic: Ghc 0 per session (online only)

Tuition & Guidance Fees (billed per month)
No monthly installment payments (but you can pay half at the beginning of the session and the remaining after 3 weeks)

Tuition & Guidance Fees (FREE no billing)
Weekday & Weekend Students
Online Video and Reading Course Only – Ghc 0 | No real-time live streaming online or offline lectures | No grading, project, or assignments | You can pay for final examinations, and get a certificate or diploma if you pass.

Student admission to the Expert Lane is every 3 months.