Are You Eligible to Study at DevWorld Tech Academy

Below we have listed the entry and admission requirements you need to start studying at DevWorld Tech Academy.
Please read carefully to understand and follow each step for a successful admission into our school.

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Before Applying, Have These Ready

  • You should own a well-functioning laptop (you need it to learn).
  • A strong desire to learn.
  • A strong need/passion for tech-related courses, design, computers, programming/coding, etc.
  • Have self-discipline and be self-motivated.
  • Previous computer knowledge is an advantage but not necessary.
  • You must have a minimum of junior high school (JSH) education
  • Online Application form
  • JHS & above – any academic certificates, diplomas, or degrees you have.
  •  One-time Enrollment / Registration fee to be paid along with tuition fees (non-transferable and non-refundable) — GHC 250 for your starter pack which includes your course materials, and two DWTA T-shirts.
  • Class Size: 16 – 30 students
    (space is only guaranteed for new students who first pay their tuition fee before space runs out).

DWTA Qualifications and Certifications

Certificate and Diploma Qualifications are only available for courses, modules, and study programs. They can be completed both online and offline. Learn more about the five (5) different qualifications you can graduate with on this page.