National average salary: $80,001 per year

Primary duties: A systems programmer provides programming support for various audiovisual and video teleconferencing projects. They design, construct and implement graphic screen layouts based on materials provided by the design engineer. With their solid knowledge of audiovisual connectivity and signal flow, programmers are the key to building new legacy systems, as they’re in charge of hardware cabling and components. They may create, execute and revise different project plans to meet client requirements and changing needs. They also know how to read wiring diagrams and system design drawings.

  1. Audio engineer
    National average salary: $89,901 per year

Primary duties: An audio engineer is responsible for editing, posting and setting up audiovisual events and conferences. They work with vendors and project managers to certify new installations and recommend new equipment. Audio engineers also actively participate in the design, configuration, implementation and optimization of related technology platforms. When dealing with large teams, audio engineers may train employees and clients on systems testing, upgrading and troubleshooting.